Marketing Doctor John Tantillo’s Winner and Loser of The Week: Queen Elizabeth and Brad Pitt


Brand Winner…

And Loser…


Marketing Doctor John Tantillo’s Winner and Loser of The Week

Winner: Queen Elizabeth 


Loser:  Brad Pitt



this one is easy.  Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee has confirmed just what an extraordinary personality brand we have in the British monarch.

This woman has endured and remained consistent for decades under the kind of scrutiny that no one on the planet can really imagine.

Last year, on the occasion of the royal wedding, I wrote about the royal brand.  The analysis still fits, since the Queen is really the cornerstone, so here are those thoughts:

Two hundred and thirty years after the
American revolution and there is still only one royal family that really
counts: the British Royal Family.

With all the hype over the upcoming
wedding of the young British prince (despite polls showing that most
Americans don’t care), you have to wonder how a family that should be an
anachronism in the modern world has managed to keep going strong.

Jerry Seinfeld recently weighed in on the wedding declaring the royal family and the pageantry nothing but dress up. 

Seinfeld is a great comedian, but he’s
wrong about the royal family.  If this was all about dress up and
fantasy then they would have been finished long ago, another footnote in
the dustbin of history.

Bottom line, the royal family is a
brand that has withstood the test of time because of a basic integrity
and identity that people can readily grasp and ultimately respect.

The recent hit movie, The King’s Speech, shows
us why.  At the center is the struggle of the would-be king to conquer a
severe speech impediment in order to speak to his people.

What is never questioned is why on earth
would this man work so hard to fix his stammer.  After all, even back
then a British monarch didn’t really have genuine power. 

Bottom line, the crown was and is all
about service and duty.  That is the brand and in a world where
self-dealing and “what’s in it for me” is the general rule, this brand
stands out as a kind of counter-example. 

What has made the royal family such a
force is its basic consistency.  Sure there have been scandals and
mis-steps but what the royal family has done is stayed true to its core
characteristics –like any great brand.  And like any great brand, when
it has changed and adapted, it has done so carefully rather than
recklessly, letting go of some of the royal conventions (i.e. not
marrying commoners) but holding onto others.

The result: it’s 2011 and we’re still talking about them.  That is an achievement that is a lot more than play acting


Just as the Queen and the royal family reminds us of why brands endure because of their consistency, Brad Pitt is reminding us of why brands occasionally, and sometimes permanently, fail.

Brad Pitt is the new cover “girl” for Chanel No. 5

Sometimes it is good to play against type, but, wow, not like this!

Sure, there’s the shock value, but is that going to get this already highly visible and well-loved perfume more notice or do anything for Pitt’s career?

Here’s an article about the move here.

Fact is, I think it was one of those ideas that seemed good because it was way out there — and it probably should have stayed there.

Brad Pitt has played many different roles, but cover girl just doesn’t fit.

And remember, it’s always easier when you keep marketing and branding in mind.


TODAY’S TANTILLO TAKEAWAY: Consistency is a core requirement for successful brands.








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