How to brand your business-First Brand Yourself


How to brand your business-First Brand Yourself

How to brand your business-First Brand Yourself!  One attribute doesn’t a brand make and in today’s “Brand Yourself Moment” we discuss how one persistence and the value of not giving up played an essential role in the Go Brand Yourself process.  Like most successful people, our protagonist failed, but he persisted.

There’s a lot of talk about corporate responsibility these days.  But he was way ahead of his time.  He took care of his workers and built his company brand and its individual brands from inside out.  Purity of product and treatment of workers went hand-in-hand.  He recognized that he needed to have his employees “on board” if every item that went out the door of the factory was going to be consistent. This personality also lobbied the government to pass the Pure Food and Drug Act –again re-enforcing the beliefs that shaped his products.

There were other aspects to the way that he built his business that are worth noting.  Here’s a saying that applies to purchasing practices: “Deal with the seller so justly that he will want to sell to you again.” But most of all he stuck to his vision and built on it and understood that in a world where there were many competing brands, he needed to add a little extra special sauce to his and that was consistency! And that brand?  Heinz, of course!

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This is Dr. John Tantillo asking Did You Know That?…

Why do some people succeed while others fail? Let’s look no further than a young boy called Harry from Pennsylvania with a vegetable garden for a clue.

The year was 1854 and the boy, only ten years of age, had already created a business out of growing, grinding and bottling his own horseradish sauce.

By twelve, he owned a horse and cart and was delivering his products to grocery stores in Pittsburgh three times a week.

By seventeen, he was grossing over $2,400 a year –an impressive sum in those days. With a friend, he founded a company packing foodstuffs.  The company went bankrupt.

Undeterred, Harry founded another company.  He added a tomato-based product.  Many competing formulas were already in circulation.

But Harry’s goal was doing foodstuffs better than anyone else. His motto: “To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.”

And success came.  His company not only produced a range of sauces that people loved, but Harry was a pioneer of sanitary food preparation and fair worker treatment.

Harry’s company has maintained his focus. Some products may have changed, but not the core belief.

And one of his most famous products is still going strong.  Last year, two single serve packets for every single person on the planet were sold.

The product.  Ketchup of course.  And Harry? None other than H.J. Heinz.

And now you can say: Yes, I know that.


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