Do you have relentless focus-Brand yourself like one artist


Do you have relentless focus-Brand yourself like one artist

Do you have relentless focus-Brand yourself like one artist. This idea of relentless focus is an important one.  Basically, since no one can see exactly what needs to be done at the beginning, focus on the goal of making something better in a particular area is what’s important. For today’s personality brand, her passion for being a great choreographer, and for making a singing and dance performance better was visible all along from her early days cheerleading for the L.A. Lakers to her movie work to her pop career and to her judging on American Idol. 

The point is that her passion and focus on dance and performance meant that she would do whatever she needed to do to make this area better. That’s the key. The truly successful don’t necessarily know how to do something better from the moment they start –take Steve Jobs— but they do know that they can and want to make it better and then nothing gets in their way of accomplishing this. 

That’s what’s meant by relentless focus.  Fact is, with this kind of focus which applies so much energy consistently to a problem or a challenge, solutions are sure to follow –no matter how long it takes! 

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This is Dr. John Tantillo asking Did You Know That?…

One of the shared characteristics of successful people is relentless focus.     

Folks, I’m talking about the kind of passionate focus that always keeps the goal in sight.

Journey back to the 1980s.  A cheerleader with dancing ambitions is discovered by a well-known pop star.   

She begins to choreograph his dance routines and then moves on to the silver screen where she becomes famous for the keyboard sequence in Tom Hanks’ movie Big. 

From there she launches a pop singing career herself –another big success. 

Later she becomes a judge on a famous variety show, but all along her focus remains: how to deliver the best choreography possible. 

She realizes that one problem has long bedevilled performers.  How to sing and dance with a microphone stand without sacrificing sound quality?   

In 2009, this inventive lady tackles the problem by designing a stand that is built into a hemispherical base.  The result: singers can now move and the mic effortlessly comes with them.   

Complicated dance maneuvers once impossible are now possible, all thanks to the mind behind the “Dynamic Microphone Support Apparatus.” 

The mind also known as . . . Miss Paula Abdul.  And now you can say: Yes, I know that.

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