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What’s effective in branding yourself: Satisfy needs with real benefits


What’s effective in branding yourself: Satisfy needs with real benefits

What’s effective in branding yourself: Satisfy needs with real benefits.  Like many inventions and breakthroughs, today’s brand yourself moment is dramatic, but it was not just something that happens once and stands alone.  There’s much legwork behind it.

A brand is built not born.  And it is never built overnight.  You may have that flash of genius, but usually, it is coming from the fact that a lot of time and effort has already been put into the problem.

That was the case with today’s brand who thought about the problem of air conditioning for years before he got it right.  Of course, “the flash of genius” is what set the brand apart.  After all, thousands of very bright people were working on the problem of getting air control right.  However, today’s brand original would never have had it had he not known as much as was possible about the challenge.

And, that’s the point.  Paying attention to detail and being prepared to put in the effort is critical for any breakthrough you are hoping to achieve.

Another lesson for us to consider is to be practical.  Even when you experiment, our brand founder once said:  “I fish only for edible fish, and hunt only for the edible game even in the laboratory.”

He means that he had a goal and stay focused on that goal until there was a solution.  That’s what separated our brand–Carrier from the crowd.  He was sure there was a solution, and it was just waiting somewhere out there for him to find it. It’s about caring about outcomes and finding a way to get there.

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This is Dr. John Tantillo asking Did You Know That?…

One of the most important discoveries of the last two hundred years happened while a man was waiting for a train. 

1906.  The man, a young engineer recently graduated from Cornell had a problem.  He was trying to help a Brooklyn printer manage humidity and air temperature so that ink would dry correctly. 

He had refined certain parts of the air system, but controlling humidity still eluded him. However, that night he received what he would later call a “flash of genius”.  Today that flash is known as the “law of constant dew-depression”. 

You probably never heard of it, but this law transformed manufacturing and all of our lives.  In that one moment, the engineer was able to combine all that he had learned from his printing problem into a singe brilliant solution. 

The result was that manufacturers worldwide could vastly improve the quality of their products.  But his invention didn’t stop there.  Soon stores and theaters were clamoring for it.  Then individuals.  It even led to mass migrations.  People could now live in places previously uninhabitable.  

Everyone, it seemed, wanted air conditioning and Willis Haviland Carrier was happy to supply it.  

As of 2007, the Carrier Corporation had sales of $15 billion dollars and 45,000 employees.  All the result of hard work and that moment of incredible insight. And now you can say: Yes, I know that. 

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