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Make great first impressions by branding yourself with prospects


Want to make a great first impression with prospects? Brand Yourself to your potential customers. It’s that simple.  Making that first impression by branding yourself is your method for selling effectively. Consider Mark Twain. Twain loved science and invention so much that he lost almost all his money pursuing it. In addition to the elastic strap and the scrap book, he also invented a triva game, but it was his belief in the Page typesetting machine, a device that he was convinced would make him much money as a publisher, that almost ruined him.   This typesetting machine was a marvel to behold and worked beautifully…when it worked which wasn’t often.  It was prone to breakdowns.

But Twain could not be deterred and he poured the equivalent of 7.5 million dollars into refining the machine.  He stuck by the machine and its inventor for 14 years and then just when it seemed close to being perfected, a better machine, the Linotype came along and made the Paige instantly obsolete. The point here isn’t that Mark Twain was a fool, but that innovations and breakthroughs never come without risk and accepting risk is part of what it takes to truly succeed.

Twain almost lost it all, but he made a comeback with an indomitable spirit and by having to recoup the loss, he left all of us with another legacy by going on to deliver his famous lecture tour (the one Hal Holbrook still pays homage to in his travelling “Mark Twain Tonight”). But it’s the competition, the belief that things can be done better and the race to make it so that matters and Twain personified that spirit like no one else. It’s rather simple: ”

GBY (Go Brand Yourself) is the method where you identify your brand benefit attributes and then communicate them to your potential customer or client.  However one attribute doesn’t a client make and in today’s “Brand Yourself Moment” Think Marl Twain

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Did You Know That?

This is Dr. John Tantillo asking Did You Know That?

A superstar in his own time and a literary legend today Mark Twain personified the inventive spirit of the 19th century.  Known as the father of American literature, this mustachioed genius in the white suit brought Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer to life. He was the confidence of US presidents and European royalty.

But he had another side that I guarantee that you will be surprised what you owe to Mr. Twain. You see Mark Twain was a lover of science. He spent hours in Tesla’s lab, but it was on his own that Twain designed the two inventions that affected tens of millions of lives.

A collector of articles and photos Twain wanted an easier way to store and view his collection then one day he had an idea The self-pasting scrapbook. But his second invention had an even greater impact; one that’s Twain himself never intended. You see Twain was convinced that there was a better way to hold up pants than suspenders. So he invented an ingenious elastic strap with clip and patented the invention. It was never used for pants, but it was used for the brassiere even to this day.  And now you can say yes I know that!

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