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Branding Essential, Know your Target Market.

Branding Essential, Know your Target Market. 

Branding Essential, Know Your Target Market. This is a branding fundamental and an integral part of the “Go Brand Yourself! process. Said another way this approach is the strategy for your marketing success. Thoroughly understanding this branding essential is crucial.  And It’s Knowing the wants and needs of your Target Market so that you can satisfy them.  Plain and simple.

By systematically analyzing your Target Market you can pinpoint what they want and adapt a strategy that will resonate with them.  Here is the Neil Cavuto Interview that discusses how one Barry Bonds who had issues a few years ago, should have re-branded himself and the pitfalls associated with his perceived brand. It’s simple: “when they say it’s not about branding, it’s really all about branding.”  Just ask Barry Bonds. Or should I say, “Barry Who?”  Would love to know your thoughts and your approach to GO BRAND YOURSELF!

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