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How to brand you and your business with added benefits that will sell!


How to brand you and your business with added benefits that will sell!

How do you brand you and your business with added benefits that will sell when making that important pitch or when meeting potential clients?   It’s rather simple: “Go Brand yourself.”  GBY (Go Brand Yourself) is the method where you identify your brand benefit attributes and then communicate them to your potential customer or client.  However one attribute doesn’t a client make and in today’s “Brand Yourself Moment” we discuss how one Hollywood starlet was more than a “pretty face.”  It also means “selling customers what they want, and then giving them what they need!”  Discover how one, “Hollywood Beauty” added to her benefits portfolio and became a success in a totally unrelated field.   And of yes, “Go Brand Yourself!”

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This is Dr. John Tantillo asking Did You Know That?…

Hedy Lamarr was one of the legendary beauties of Hollywood’s golden age. MGM’s dazzling star.  Responsible for Samson and Delilah, the highest grossing movie of 1949, and decades of hits.

But there were brains behind the beauty.  You see, Hedy Lamarr had an interesting history before she reached the silver screen.  Her first husband, Friedrich Mandle, was a European arms manufacturer.  Hedy was his arm candy.  He forced her to accompany him to his every meeting.

Eventually she ran away to America, but what Mandle didn’t realize was that Lamarr was listening and learning about the science of weapons –aided by her brilliant mathematical mind.

On the eve of World War II, determined to help the allies defeat the Germans, Lamarr and a composer friend had a revelation.  Discussing the problem of how the enemy could jam radio-controlled torpedoes, they developed a sophisticated system to solve the problem.  Using the mechanics of a player piano, they created the idea of “frequency hopping.”

Unfortunately, the US Military dismissed their idea.  Lamarr was just a starlet, after all.  What could she possibly know?

As it turned out, plenty.  By 1962, the military had recognized Lamarr’s smarts.  Her idea was called “frequency hopping” and it is a critical innovation for everything from cellphones to inter-continental missiles to your computer’s wireless network.

And now you can say: Yes, I know that.

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