3 selling yourself secrets-Go Brand Yourself to your customers

3 selling yourself secrets-Go Brand Yourself to your customers!

So what are the 3 selling yourself secrets to Go brand yourself to your customers?  Well it begins with: “Go brand yourself! With this method, Dr. John Tantillo, branding and marketing expert outlines the secrets to his “Go Brand Yourself” proactively.  The secrets include: first, Observe; second, Prepare; and third, Execute– or what Nike likes to say” JUST DO IT.   And oh yes, “GO BRAND YOURSELF”  And how do you “stand out” from the competition. It’s easy–you “Go Brand Yourself.  What does that mean?  It’s this: “selling customers what they want, and then giving them what they need!”  Discover how one, founding father observed what others loved and made it into a product that people still like today.

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This is Dr. John Tantillo asking Did You Know That?…

Often being curious about the little things can make a big impact down the road. And there’s nothing like travel to spark this kind of curiosity.  That’s what happened to one American traveller named Tom in the 1780s.  I’m confident that you’ve literally eaten the results. You see this man was curious about… pasta. Specifically, the kind of pasta he encountered in Paris and northern Italy.  He sketched the shape and learned all he could about it, including the best ways to serve.

When he returned home to America, he even imported a machine to make it.  The machine was a dud.  But that didn’t stop Tom. He worked to perfect the pasta while also adopting the European idea of baking it in a casserole with cheese.

Little did he know that he was setting a trend in motion that would make macaroni and cheese the American staple it is today.

With close to 1 billion dollar in annual sales and deep roots in our culture, this dish might have started life as an import but now it’s as American as apple pie.

And Tom? Well he served it as “macaroni pie” in 1802 at a state dinner, because Tom was Thomas Jefferson, not only a founding father but the father of mac and cheese.

And now you can say: Yes, I know that.  



Successful people often share the same quality: curiosity.

Curiosity isn’t something you can turn off once you have it.  It’s about making connections and finding value where others might overlook it.

Thomas Jefferson was endlessly curious.  He was a scientist, a diplomat, an architect, a landscape gardener, a president.

Creativity cross-fertilizes.  Observations in one area helps make another area become even better.  Most of all an active curiosity makes life richer.  Thomas Jefferson never stopped making the connections and you shouldn’t either.

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