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CPA—Childhood Phone Addiction: The new habituation facing our children

Go anywhere and you will see everyone on their phone. What doesn’t get the attention unfortunately  is how children have become the victims of this same compulsive behavior.  Perhaps even more some. And why it just may be the new habituation facing our children

Childhood Phone Addiction, CPA a acronym that describes this newest phenomenon in children, needs attention NOW if we are to save them from this potential threat.

As a branding/marketing expert and applied research psychologist, branding the term CPA is the first step in studying a trend and making others aware that this may be a cause for concern.  After the branding process, data collection becomes the next operative step so that real solutions can be performed before it gets to be a serious problem. CPA needs more study in order to prevent a crisis when it comes to our children and the gadgets that they use. It’s simple. It is always easier when your first start with branding and marketing in mind. It is only then we can start to find answers for our children.

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