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Take Your Brand Seriously!  Frederic J. Bauer Did.

From now on when clients ask me what it takes to get a successful brand off the ground, I might just repeat this name: Frederic J. Bauer.  Bauer was an organic chemist and food storage expert who invented those Pringle cans that do such a good job of keeping those “crisps” in one piece (see my post on Pringles here).   When I learned how Bauer decided to be buried when he died last month at 89 (it was no surprise that he worked for P&G –that powerhouse of marketing and branding).

Bauer –or at least a portion of his ashes— was laid to rest in a Pringles can!  See the article here.  Yes, he was proud of his invention and despite the odd request his grandkids honored his wishes. 

The point is that his invention was very important for Pringles but it was still only one part of the process of building that brand.  It’s the level of commitment to the product that tells us all we need to know about making a brand fly.  At every point and on every level of P&G you can be sure that Bauer’s level of commitment was there…sweating details, thinking about the target market and refining the product and all its brand details!

 And, remember, it’s always easier when you keep branding in mind!

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Take every element of your brand –logo, package design, the target market’s experience with your product or service— deathly serious.


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